GeoSolar Plus

Fourth Wave Energy is accelerating the transition away from carbon-based energy by introducing a sustainable way to heat, cool, and electrify your home.

Designed as the green home energy system of the future, GeoSolar Plus harnesses energy from the earth and sun to power residences without fossil fuels or utility bills. 

Our product powers homes using renewable energy to increase home values and help you save the planet. GeoSolar Plus also delivers a cleaner, safer indoor living environment. It’s a win for your family’s health, your finances, and the environment.

Now you can power your home with natural energy

A turnkey home energy upgrade that provides all heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, and electricity generated on-site from clean renewable energy. Decades-old geothermal technology has been refined and integrated with on-site solar generation. GeoSolarPlus is standardized for easy installation to deliver proven performance.

  • Building Envelope upgrades improve insulation and air tightness
  • Underground Ground Loops provide heating and cooling
  • Electric Heat Exchanger efficiently improves air quality
  • Rooftop Solar Panels provide all required electricity
  • Car Charging Station powers electric vehicle

The Green Home Energy System of the Future

The entire GeoSolar Plus installation process takes just a few weeks and you stay in your home while it’s underway.
GeoSolar Plus delivers results:
          • Air filtration for healthy and safe indoor air quality 
          • No gas lines, fuel oil, or associated CO2, SO2, and NO2 emissions
          • Net zero energy with virtually zero carbon footprint
          • Reliable, simple, and inexpensive to maintain
          • Increased comfort and quiet operation
          • No utility bills
          • Increased home value
          • Suitable for warm and cold climates
          • Valuable tax deductions and utility incentives
          • Turnkey financing solution to acquire and install system

Power your home naturally with the earth & the sun

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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