It’s a modern new way of powering a home that is cleaner, healthier, and cheaper than your present carbon-based energy system. It provides clean natural power, heating, and cooling with no carbon and no utility bills.

There is an increasingly fast-growing public awareness that the climate crisis is a serious threat to humanity and with the Covid-19 crisis, a clean healthy living atmosphere is of paramount importance to everyone. This, coupled with better and less expensive solar and clean energy technology has made the GeoSolar Plus system cheaper and materially better than the old fossil fuel energy systems most homes use. It is simply no longer necessary or acceptable to live in a carbon powered home.

The average 2,500 SF home in the US creates two tons of carbon per year. Plus, the furnaces and air conditioners are extremely polluting and responsible for unhealthy air in the home.

Your home has a large supply of earth-based energy right underneath it that can heat and cool your home forever. GeoSolar Plus drills a small well to tap into the earth and installs solar on your roof. Clean natural power from the earth and sun then delivers a complete energy makeover of your home.

We install the new technology into your home and remove the existing furnace and air conditioner.

It uses photovoltaic (PV) solar panels but includes much more including a geothermal system, electric car charging system, upgraded insulation, air censoring, filtering, and movement systems.

It’s a complete makeover of the present energy system into a clean, modern way of living with all the power being created from natural sources.

The system was largely designed by Fourth Wave Energy (PIRE-OTCQB), a California-based climate solutions company headed by a team of world-class climate experts including solar and geothermal engineers from three countries- the US, Germany and India.
The startup company is specializing in developing innovative clean energy products aimed at attacking the rising temperatures and the ravages of the climate emergency.
FWE is becoming a leader in the fast-growing sector of the “decarbonization” of buildings, which are a major emitter of CO2.
The manner in which houses and commercial buildings are heated, cooled and powered is hugely polluting, crates a toxic living atmosphere for the occupants of the buildings, and is expensive.
The solution of blending solar with geothermal is now available and is affordable to install—on new or existing buildings.

The lead designer for FWE is cleantech pioneer Norbert Klebl
who is recognized as one of the leaders in the design and building of the most advanced zero carbon homes in the US.
Mr. Klebl is the developer of the GEOS Neighborhood, an award winning net-zero home community in Colorado where the Geo/solar system of natural energy has been proven through the building and selling of 28 homes in Colorado.
After two years of operations all residents report they have no utility bills and no carbon emissions.

It’s safe and clean with no moving parts and is warranted for 20 years.

It is universally known that those living in homes powered by Geo/Solar report a noticeable improvement in the quality and comfort of the air flow during both heating and cooling. The air quality is materially better with power produced by the earth and sun than in a home that heats with a furnace and cools with air conditioning.

Many companies sell and install solar, and a company founded by GOOGLE (dandelion.com) is installing large numbers of geothermal systems. We combine geo with solar and we add a lot of other really cool additional features.

The company plans to file for several US and International patents on various parts of the system.

The average home is expected to cost about $39,500 after very generous 26% tax credits. It pays for itself through the elimination of utility bills. And your home will be healthier and more valuable. And you will have helped with the climate emergency. Everybody wins.

The system provides a number of highly valuable tax credits and can be financed privately at very good rates or added to the mortgage. The payments will likely be less than your current utility.

Typically about three weeks but it not highly disruptive to your lifestyle and the results are well worth the inconvenience.

The company plans to have the systems ready to install by fall of 2020. They are accepting no deposit no risk reservations (Indications of interest) for the first 300 installations.
Early movers that understand that this GeoSolar Plus and get on the early movers list they will receive a 30% discount, free installation and a nice First 300 GeoSolar Plus commemorative plaque and other goodies.

Power your home naturally with the earth & the sun

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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